In what may have been a horribly misguided effort, I have spent the last three days in Las Vegas so that I could recap Las Vegas with a greater sense of its authenticity just for you. While it is true that during my stay in Vegas I amassed a stack of chips at a poker table worthy of one of Sam’s whales, sadly the money was only pretend, the chips were worth nothing. Consequently, it did not lead to the sort of treatment that Sam provides her whales with on a regular basis.

Speaking of Sam, she appeared in the first scene tonight complaining about some of her whales winning money and others not showing up (both of which hurts her bottom line). She then talked, again, about being down for the quarter and running into some trouble because of it. Thankfully, rather than just having her drop that line and move on tonight, it was turned into a major plot point. Finally.

Sam went to a matchmaker in this episode to find rich men, did you for one minute buy Sam’s claim that she was looking for romance? Wasn’t it obvious from the very first moment that she spoke to the matchmaker that Sam was just in it to find new whales? Certainly if you didn’t get it by the start of the conversation, you did by the end of it when Sam announced that she wanted to meet two men that very day, right?

The way Sam worked the first whale-date was pretty smooth though. It was evil and vicious and perfect. She may have pushed a little too hard trying to have three different whale-dates at once, but I love that hard-edged Sam Marquez. When she is on a role she is the best character on the show, and she was on a role tonight. Towards the end of the episode, she pretended to be a lesbian to get rid of the first whale and it was one of her better moments to date.

There was a second however when I thought that the show undercut the whole storyline. Just after Sam claimed to be a lesbian with the first whale, she tried to make all the other whales happy. She tried to play matchmaker and set them all up with their perfect match. The idea had heart and a soul. was an overly sappy and a completely unlikable, from an audience perspective, Sam moment. Thank goodness she was unable to pawn off the final whale. It made me feel much better about the whole thing.

I was quite happy that the show didn’t try to surprise us with the Cooper/Erin Hudson storyline. Very early on it was clear that they were both fighting to buy Paul’s land in Canada. It was also clear that there was sexual tension between the two. Cooper and Erin did eventually team up and it worked well. Let me pose a question or two at this point in the recap — did Cooper and Erin sleep together when he spent the night in her room, or were they working out the finer points of the land deal all night?

My bigger question about Cooper’s actions tonight are more tangential to the main thrust of the storyline. Why did he use Danny as an errand boy? Surely Danny holds a better position now than he did under the previous regime at the Montecito, and yet he seems to be doing less important work now. Hooking Cooper’s fish may have been important for Cooper, but it had absolutely nothing to do with the Montecito. Clearly Cooper has other huge investments and I assume he has other people that work for him too to manage those investments. Why is he using the man in charge of the day-to-day operations of the Montecito on a completely unrelated venture?

Other thoughts that don’t quite fit in above and a quote:

  • I appreciate NBC’s "Green is universal" campaign, it seems like a really interesting idea to put a green message in their shows, but I don’t think it worked terribly well on tonight’s Las Vegas. On a regular basis Delinda goes off half-cocked with some ridiculous idea. By the show using her to promote the green message, they completely undercut the entire green endeavor. There was absolutely no reason that Delinda’s actions around the environment this evening were any different than any of her other silly ideas. Delinda even tried to push millions and millions of dollars worth of changes to Danny, and then she got upset when Danny shot her down. At that point she did the whole fly off the handle thing that she so often does. It was pure Delinda foolishness and did little to promote the environment. While it is true that Cooper made her see the light by the end of the episode, I did not entirely buy Cooper’s logic. But, that is a far larger issue than can be tackled here and so I will move on.
  • Piper did Sam a favor for $1,000 in tonight’s episode. How many times has Sam bought Piper now? How many times has Piper sold herself? How long will it be until the show turns Piper into an actual character instead of just having her be a cartoon?
  • Mike to the people pushing the environment at the Montecito — "Wait. You can ask someone if they have a minute to save the Earth, but you can’t call them a ‘sniveling corporate weasel’ if they don’t."

Speaking of sniveling corporate weasels, I am not one. See for yourself over at The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews.

Posted by:Josh Lasser