Can you imagine that Las Vegas has produced 100 episodes? Wow, they’ve managed to come up with 100 episodes of nonsense (more than, really). Maybe it’s easier for them because they don’t really insist on any sort of logic or coherence. Some of the episodes are logical and coherent, but I think that’s just a bonus. All-in-all it was a rock’em, sock’em, rockingly fun episode of Las Vegas, but the main story made little to no sense.

The plot dealt with a one-time mob guy, Lewis Jennings who was, according to rumor, getting ready to turn himself in, but not without taking one last pass through Vegas. He was a wanted man in almost every sense of the word. The mob wanted him for having double-crossed them, the FBI wanted him for his various illegal activities, bounty hunters wanted him for the bounty, and the Montecito wanted him off the premises.

Despite no one knowing what Jennings looked like (the only photo of him was more than a few years old), somehow all the bounty hunters managed to pick up on who he was at the exact same time. This exact moment was also the moment that Danny and the FBI (separately) finished running Video IQ programs that figured out what Jennings would look like today and where exactly he was. The FBI won the footrace for Jennings and nabbed their man.

Thank goodness Danny picked up on the fact that it was odd that the bounty hunters should know who the guy looked like, after all, he seemed to always go around in disguises. While Danny did mention this odd fact, it wasn’t ever really explained.

The FBI grabbed Jennings 25 minutes into the show though so it was clear that the plot was not finished. Rather than taking the necessary time to explain what was happening, the show moved to Delinda feeling bad about gaining weight and some Sam nonsense with a whale (see below). When the show did get back to the main story arc it was clear that Cooper knew more than he was saying, what with Cooper encouraging Danny to be armed and all.

Cooper and Ed were both mysterious creatures, but Selleck’s manner is completely different than Caan’s was. He’s far more dark and brooding than his predecessor, and I think it’s starting to work for the show. I wish he was a bigger part of the goings-on though, particularly on night’s like tonight when he could have explained the plot to me.

In any case, as it turned out, the FBI was using Jennings, who it seems wasn’t necessarily the bad guy we thought he was, he was, just maybe, an assassin, as bait in order to smoke out some other assassins (who were masquerading as bounty hunters). There was a shoot out to get the assassins that Danny got in the middle of, and a bunch of people popping out of alcoves that should have seen one another but for some reason didn’t. Not only that, but Cooper shot one of the assassins whom he apparently knew of, and who knew of him, but the two had never met. Yeah, it made no sense. None whatsoever (see the above bit about logic within the show). Thank goodness I was able to rewind my TiVo, watch it again, and confirm the weird nonsensicalness of it all. If anyone out there has a theory as to what actually went down and who was who don’t hesitate to drop it into the comments below.

During all of these other goings-on, Sam had her own storyline. One of her favorite whales lost his wife and children. The guy seemed pretty upset, but then again, he had the presence of mind to go to Vegas and gamble. Sam actually liked this guy and his family, and seeing him on the edge distressed her immensely.

Now if I was plotting the episode I would have had Sam’s whale be Jennings, and have had the FBI initially grab the wrong guy (and forget the assassin nonsense), thereby tying the two storylines together into a single, coherent, awesome plot. The producers instead opted to dredge up Sam’s abduction from the end of last season and beginning of this one. It’s not the way I would have gone because every time they try to make Sam deep and emotional and vulnerable it comes off as some sort of ploy on her part. It’s particularly bad when they make her emotional with this psychiatrist.

It seems as though the producers figure that Sam can’t open up to anyone else, that she would never reveal her vulnerability to anyone except for this psychiatrist. But, these revelations with the shrink don’t really work either. I think it’s the fact that she resists talking to him and resists talking to him some more and then all of the sudden spills everything, there’s absolutely no in between. At least Sam did something the doctor never would have told her to do, she slept with the whale in order to make both of them feel better.

Oh, there were three babes mentioned in the title of the episode ("3 Babes, 100 Guns, and a Fat Chick"). They were just sitting there at the pool in their bikinis to be eye candy. There was some nonsense about fake 100 dollar bills being passed at the in-pool blackjack table, but the point was to have the women in their bikinis.

And, it’s just that sort of thing, and not the utter insanity of the plot, that have made Las Vegas watchable for so many years.

Another random moment or two and a quote:

  • Delinda claimed that fathers-to-be always gain weight with mothers-to-be. That is not true. I gained no weight when my wife was pregnant. I gained after my daughter was born.
  • The female bounty hunter, Sgt. Rodriguez, pointing out one of the other bounty hunters and naming him – "Scarface. Named after his favorite movie… and all the scars on his face."
  • Rodriguez to Delinda when Delinda was feeling uncomfortable about her weight gain – "If I were a man I’d knock your cervix into next Tuesday."

I really don’t have anything clever to say to that, so just go and check out The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews, okay?

Posted by:Josh Lasser