2squirrelunderpantscropped Last minute gifts for the weirdo on your listChanukah is already upon us and Christmas is a few days away. We know that there are people out there that are really hard to shop for, so with the holidays upon us, we thought we’d share a few … unusual gift ideas. For even more, check out our Pop Culture Junkie Gift Ideas photo gallery.

2playdohperfumecropped Last minute gifts for the weirdo on your listYou remember that little kid who used to eat Play Doh in school? We just know you’re still friends with him. (Not like that kid who ate paste. He was just weird.) Well, we found some Play Doh cologne from a company called Demeter. (They also make scents like dirt, earthworm, sawdust and gin and tonic, in case you want to smell like you’ve been on a bender.) Either your gift will be a funny, nostalgic reminder of a time gone by, or you’ll set off his second childhood.

Demeter Fragrances

2BaconFrostingcropped.jpgBacon, otherwise known as “meat candy” is always a popular food item. It’s used in all sorts of things now, including bacon cookies (which our office devoured in minutes flat), chocolate and donuts. But if you know someone who really, really loves bacon, why not get them bacon icing? Who wouldn’t want to eat a cake that tastes like a heart attack in the making? And cakes are made with eggs, so it totally makes sense. We also found some bacon-flavored tooth floss for after-dinner hygiene.

Bacon Gifts

2simpsonscropped Last minute gifts for the weirdo on your listYou know that friend who is really obsessed with “The Simpsons?” The one who quotes it incessantly, has every tee-shirt and still says, “doh!” when something crazy happens? Yeah, we have those too. Well, if you’re feeling super generous, why not get them a Simpsons character bracelet? It’s 24 karat gold-plated and features 37 teeny tiny Simpsons characters. We bet he or she can name them all!

Simpsons Bracelet

2LairdLadycropped.jpgWe all have a buddy who thinks they’re superior to the rest of us. They speak in the royal “we” and constantly speak with a fake accent. Well, now you can indulge them by buying them a square foot of land in Scotland. That officially gives them the right to call themselves “Laird” or “Lady.” Actually, maybe you should just purchase this for yourself and make them bow whenever they see you.

Become a Laird or a Lady Gift Box

2squirrelunderpantscropped Last minute gifts for the weirdo on your listIf you really want to weird someone out, or your friend really, truly has everything, this final gift idea is sure to stun. We had to stare at this one for a while, because while someone in our office (the author of this piece) hand feeds a squirrel in her yard, she has never considered putting underpants on him. Yes, you can purchase squirrel underpants. They have a 3” waist and are made of 100 percent cotton. You wouldn’t want the little guys to wear anything less, would you? The site says they’re also good for frogs and hamsters, but we’re sticking to squirrels. We can’t resist the nut jokes.

Squirrel Underpants

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