witch costume Last minute Halloween costumes: We've got you coveredIt’s Halloween weekend and you were too busy to pull together THE BEST COSTUME EVER? It’s okay. It happens. Hence the profusion of convenience stores selling “Scream” masks.

Fear not, though. We’ve got you covered — be it sexy, pop culture cool or something celebrity inspired, we’ve assembled these galleries to help you go from blah to boo in time for your Halloween fest.

Just peruse these photo galleries for the best (and worst) 2011 costumes:

>> 23 Costume Dos and Don’ts: Yes to “Hunger Games” characters, Jo Calderone and vintage vampires. But steer clear of Charlie Sheen (good general advice), Osama bin Laden and the Green Lantern.

>> Celebrity Inspiration: Heidi Klum isn’t the only one who can throw together a killer costume. Check out this gallery for ideas from Jenny McCarthy to Jon Stewart.

>> TV-inspired costumes: From “Wilfred” to Sue Sylvester, the options are almost endless.

>> Halloween on TV 2011: A peek at all the scary, spooky and spine-tingling Halloween programming of 2011. Complete with zombies, cross-dressing and “Treehouse of Horror.”

>> TV Witches: Cast a spell by emulating one of these good (and bad) witches.

>> Celebrity Beards: Dudes, when in doubt, go for faux facial hair.

>> Miss Universe National Costumes: How else would you have thought of “Sexy Chilean Miner?”

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson