andre braugher big chicken dinner last resort 'Last Resort' sneak peek: Is Marcus Chaplin sleeping with the enemy?

Although “Last Resort” didn’t get picked up for a full season, we expect the thrill ride to continue until its dramatic 13th-episode series finale.

In a scene from tonight’s new installment, “Big Chicken Dinner,” Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) seems oblivious to the identity of the traitor in its midst.

In fact, he’s training a CIA mole — revealed as Cortez (Jessica Camacho) in the last episode — to take command of their nuclear submarine if anything should happen to him or the higher-ranking officers.

“There’s some sizzle going on with Cortez and Chaplin,” Braugher teased to Zap2it earlier in the season. “Cortez is tough and scrappy, and we share some background and the Navy has really saved both of us. Unlike real life, where all the fun begins after you consummate your relationship, on television the sizzle is where all the fun is. So we’re going to sizzle for as long as we possibly can.”

Will you continue tuning in to “Last Resort” until the series’ sizzling finish?

“Last Resort” airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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