scott speedman andre braugher skeleton key last resort 'Last Resort' stars Andre Braugher and Daisy Betts preview tonight's mind blowing 'Skeleton Key'Tonight’s (Oct. 25) epic episode of “Last Resort”, “Skeleton Crew,” is more explosive than the nuclear missiles aboard Capt. Marcus Chaplin’s Andre Braugher submarine.

The Emmy-winning Braugher isn’t the only one commanding the screen tonight. (Although he is so terrifying in one scene we actually shivered. True story.) In fact, Lt. Grace Shepard (Daisy Betts) actually takes the helm of the USS Colorado while he is off scaring the bejesus out of some new arrivals to the island of Sainte Marina.

As Braugher tells Zap2it, Chaplin “is enraged to be made a traitor or terrorist…at being made into an outlaw.”

“They’re there to negotiate, so Marcus and Sam [Scott Speedman] are preoccupied with that,” Betts previews. “So Grace basically has to function on her own. There’s no XO, there’s no captain — she is essentially the captain of that episode.”

“Grace really proves why she’s in the position she’s in,” adds the Australian actress. “Grace kicks some more butt and it’s good.”

Turns out she’s not the only one in her family kicking butt. Papa Shepard (Bruce Davison) steps out of his admiral stereotype and does something so shocking that your bowl of popcorn might go airborne. (We might speak from experience. Ahem.)

Sam also plays a very important role in the island standoff. “His character really is the beating heart of the ship — and he’s an attractive man,” notes Braugher. “And I’m not talking about the cupcake — I’m just saying he’s a man you admire.”

Meanwhile, Sam’s wife is facing a different kind of attack by the U.S. government, draining her finances and trying to sabotage her marriage — but she’s not so easily broken.

Back on the mainland, says Betts, “you’ve got Kylie [Autumn Reeser] trying to get to the bottom of the conspiracy, and you’ve got Christine trying to figure out whether she can ever see her husband again.” And she teases, “there’s some interplay coming up between those two which is really lovely.”

“Last Resort” airs tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC, but you can watch the first 10 minutes of “Skeleton Key” on ABC’s website.

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