liam hemsworth miley cyrus2 'Last Song's' Liam Hemsworth thinks Miley Cyrus is 'amazing'Liam Hemsworth thinks his “The Last Song” costar Miley Cyrus is “amazing. She can sing, dance and act. It’s incredible,” he raved to The Dish Rag during our exclusive video chat about their new Nicholas Sparks romance.

Did Miley have any say in the Australian actor being offered the plum film role?

]]> “I think she had a little say,” he admits. “I  came in and read a week before I met her and then I came back and read with her and we just had really good chemistry onscreen.” “It made it a lot easier to work together. It makes it a lot easier when you’re working with someone you enjoy being with.” Liam admits that he is officially dating Miley. Although he gets nervous talking about his private life, “But, yeah, it’s hard to deny, so many photos.” He also talks about Miley visiting him in Australia over New Years so he could show her how and where he grew up. So what did they do when they weren’t filming their hot love scenes and tempestuous fights? “Luckily, we were shooting  five or six days a week, which was good,” he explains. “It’s a small town, a small island (they shot a lot on Tybee Island, on off the coast of Georgia) and if we weren’t shooting, we were on jets skis, hanging out on the beach, eating seafood.” Sound awful. “Yeah, it was a terrible life,” he jokes. He also tells us about having to get certified for scuba diving for a scene in which he and Miley swim with hungry sharks. Yes, that’s right. Hungry. He explains that the aquarium didn’t feed the fish the day before filming in order to keep the water visibility clear.  But worse than the hungry sharks were the territorial and grumpy groupers who would sneak up on them. No one ever said acting was gonna be easy, Liam. Just wait until your action movie career gets going, which we have a feeling will be soon. Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter and Zap2it on Facebook for the latest celeb news and buzz.
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