“Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” spent nearly the entire program Sunday (March 1) on the “unsexy” problem of America’s crumbling infrastructure — you know, “roads, bridges, dams, levees, airports, power grids … basically anything that can be destroyed in an action movie.”

As Oliver says, “The problem is when our infrastructure is not being destroyed by robots and/or saved by Bruce Willis, we tend to find it a bit boring.”

In a bit of irony, this is not one of “Last Week Tonight’s” funnier segments (at least until the last minute or so). But, as is pointed out many, many times in the clip, it’s a hard topic to make funny/interesting.

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However, that doesn’t mean it’s not a huge problem. And it’s a problem made even worse by its inherent unsexiness, because Congress doesn’t want to spend money on it, people don’t want their taxes raised because of it and it’s a hard issue on which to build a campaign.

“Last Week Tonight” does its best to make the problem exciting. The end of the video features a fake trailer for “Infrastructure,” starring Steve Buscemi, Edward Norton, Hope Davis, Vincent D’Onofrio, Josh Lucas and more.

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