The situation in Ferguson, Mo. has been awful for days, but most national news sources haven’t had a lot of coverage. “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” takes a different route, devoting one-quarter of its Sunday (Aug. 17) broadcast to the situation following Michael Brown’s death at the hands of the local police.

Much of Oliver’s coverage focuses on the ridiculousness of the police in Ferguson and other cities — the militarization of police forces is a major topic in the report. It’s both darkly hilarious and terrifying given the subject material Oliver is riffing on.

When it gets to Ferguson specifically, the coverage gets even scarier. Oliver starts out with video of a police officer calling people “f***ing animals.” As Oliver points out, this is “barely acceptable in a zoo escape” and absolutely insane when applied to people.

The video ends with saying the police should be stripped of their paramilitary gear until they can go one month without killing an unarmed black person. “Then and only then can they get their f***ing toys back.”

At this point, that doesn’t sound like a bad plan.

The violence in Ferguson started after 18-year-old Mike Brown was killed by police officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9. Protesters have clashed with armed police officers every night since. After an autopsy report revealed Brown had been shot at least six times, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon called the National Guard in to Ferguson without the White House’s knowledge.

Posted by:Laurel Brown