john oliver geckos lwt 'Last Week Tonight' video: John Oliver mourns space sex geckos with A Great Big World

The Russian space sex geckos have frozen to death and John Oliver is not okay with it. 
A few weeks ago John Oliver found out that Russia had lost contact with their space pod containing a five gecko lizards in order to observe their mating habits in zero gravity. In response to this crisis Oliver launched a #GoGetThoseGeckos campaign, using his viral media power to make sure the mating geckos didn’t fall through the cracks. 
Contact was made, but the news from the spacecraft was not good. All five of the geckos sent up have frozen to death. On the Sept. 7 episode of “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” the host gave those heroic horny lizards a proper sendoff to Heaven. 
“In honor of the five brave geckos that lost their lives, please join me in five mournful flicks of the tongue,” Oliver declares once the news has been announced. “Up in that shuttle there were four females and one male. We sent those geckos up in space not because they were easy, but because he was hard.” 
Are five flicks of the tongue enough for our dearly departed sex lizards though? No. No, it’s not. To give those brave geckos the goodbye they deserved John Oliver brought out A Great Big World to sing their feels-inducing hit single “Say Something.” Oliver delivers a eulogy worthy of champions and war heroes as the sad song plays before blowing out the memorial candles and belting out a few choruses with the band. 
See the tearful tribute below. Sex lizards, you have no idea how much you’ll be missed. #GoodbyeGeckos. 
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Posted by:Megan Vick