jimmy fallon crosby nash 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon': 'Neil Young' returns with 'Party in the USA'We will always, always have a soft spot for the cover of “Whip My Hair” that Bruce Springsteen (dressed as his 1970s self) and Jimmy Fallon (as Neil Young) did on “Late Night” in November 2010. But Fallon’s latest turn as Young is almost that good.

On Wednesday’s (May 25) “Late Night,” Fallon once again donned his Young wig and hat to sing a cover of a very un-Neil Young-like song, Miley Cyrus‘ “Party in the USA.” About a minute in, he was joined by two of the real Neil Young’s former bandmates, David Crosby and Graham Nash. (Stephen Stills was apparently otherwise occupied.)

Crosby and Nash look they’re having a blast — it looks like Crosby can barely keep from laughing at times — and incongruous song choices aside, we continue to be impressed by the quality of Fallon’s impression of Young. And the minor-key reworking of “Party in the USA” actually works.

The performance is below. We don’t think it’s quite to the level of “Whip My Hair,” but it’s pretty darn good. How about you?

Posted by:Rick Porter