“Robert Pattinson” is up in his tree again, which means that Robert Is Bothered.

In the latest rant from everybody’s favorite emo vampire, Robert is bothered by Christmas and all its festive trappings. His objections to the holiday season aired on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Monday (Dec. 20).


  • Christmas shopping: “Happy Christmas — I got you a present. Oh, what is it? It’s $7,000 in credit card debt!”
  • Mall Santas: “You take your child to see some man in a red sweatsuit — some fat drifter who doesn’t have a job — and you sit your child on his lap and he promises your child toys? Great parenting!”
  • “White Christmas”: “Racist.”

  • And after all that, Kristen doesn’t even like the present he got her. Bothered, indeed.

    Posted by:Rick Porter