thor movie clip Latest 'Thor' clip hints possible 'Avengers' cameo

With Marvel’s “Thor” hitting theaters in less than a month, the studio seems to be playing it a little fast and loose with their previews.

/Film points to the latest clip, that seems to spoil an unconfirmed cameo from one of “The Avengers.” We won’t tell you which, as we’re big supporters of those who wish to remain spoiler-free, but for the curious set, here’s the scene in question:

Did you see it? At the 24-second mark there’s the very clear silhouette of a hooded figure holding a bow-and-arrow. It seems like it could only be Jeremy Renner‘s Hawkeye. And if they’re going show him here, he seems bound to show up in some other capacity.

Here’s a closer look at the brief cameo:

hawk eye thor avengers Latest 'Thor' clip hints possible 'Avengers' cameo

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell