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All it takes to look as fabulous as Heather Locklear in Lifetime’s “He Loves Me” Monday, March 7, are killer looks and lots of money.
No great secret, is it?
Still it’s undeniable that Locklear, 49, playing Laura, a real estate agent with a very dark hidden life, looks terrific.
“She’s a Seattle real estate agent and pretty put together,” Locklear says. “All belted up, scarves and coats and gloves. This doesn’t look like Seattle clothing.”
Anne Carlucci, the film’s executive producer who picked the wardrobe, describes the look as “classically elegant” beginning with the $4,000 Giorgio Armani suit in the opening scene.
“It’s a chocolate brown skirt, and the jacket is taupe and chocolate tweed, with taupe grosgrain piping down front of jacket,” Carlucci says. “It’s a spectacular suit. I wish I were a size 2. The skirt in back had a gold zipper that went midway up the thigh.”
That’s convenient considering in the opening scene, Laura meets her lover for a public tryst.
Locklear was not necessarily looking for a sexy role.
“I read it, and there were a lot of twists in it,” Locklear says. “And I thought this could be fun. Some of it was sexier than I thought.”
Carlucci kept Locklear’s palette muted.
“Heather doesn’t like color, and it worked for the movie,” Carlucci says. “We shot in the winter in Vancouver, where it’s dark and gray and rainy all the time. We embraced the season, and the season is blue and gray, and gray and black, and that was the color palette for the movie.”
Clothes, including that terrific suit, came from Loehmann’s.
Locklear wears LBDs (little black dresses) including a Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress. Her clothes are also from Ralph Lauren, Vince, Theory and Madewell.
“She’s not the kind of person where it has to be a label — as long as she looks good,” Carlucci says of the character. “She spends all the money. She’s in high-end real estate, and she spends it.
“It is important when you are an actress and playing someone who has money that the clothing that you wear makes you feel wealthy,” she continues. “It is about fabric against skin, a very tactile kind of thing.”
Many items come from Saks Fifth Avenue.
“Saks is my favorite store, especially if you are looking for classic and elegant,” Carlucci says. “They are grown-up clothes, even if you are a size 2 it doesn’t matter; they’re not froufrou clothes.”
Under the suits, Locklear wears J. Crew blouses. The pumps are Stewart Weitzman, and bags are from The Bay, a Canadian department store.
How easy is it to get this sleek look?
“All we did was go shopping, and all we did was write the check,” Carlucci says.
For $25,000.
Posted by:Jacqueline Cutler