The crazy bitch of "Melrose Place" is back.

Nah, not Amanda Woodward. Heather Locklear's answer to appearing on The CW's "Melrose" revamp is still no. But producers of the pilot have managed to secure the next best thing with Laura Leighton signing on to reprise her original series role as Sydney.

The scheming, husband-stealing waitress who dabbled in both stripping and prostitution was thought to have died in a car accident on the fifth season finale of the insane 90s dramedy. But, uh, guess not. 

Apparently good old Sydney recovered off screen, 'cause she's now set to be the landlord of the new "Melrose Place" complex.

The show will debut this fall if The CW picks it up to series.

So, what do you think? No disrespect to Shaun SiposMichael Rady, Jessica Lucas, Katie Cassidy, Ashlee Simpson-WentzColin Egglesfield and Stephanie Jacobson, but this is the first piece of "Melrose Place" casting I've been legitimately pumped about.

Not only was Sydney a trip, but I really like Laura Leighton. You?

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