laurence fishburne restraing order gina torres Laurence Fishburne granted restraining order against ex conActor Laurence Fishburne has been granted a temporary restraining order against Anthony Francis, an ex-convict who claims to own the actor’s home and appeared there on New Year’s Day to try to evict him from said home, reports the AP.

Francis, whose real name is Mark Francisco, showed up at the Fishburne residence and told Fishburne’s wife, actress Gina Torres, that they were living there illegally. Police were called and they advised Fishburne to seek the restraining order based on Francisco’s agitated state and criminal history.

Francis was convicted of cyberstalking in 2010 and spent time in a
state mental facility for that case. It was not cyberstalking against
Fishburne. He also has a 1993 conviction for burglary in San Diego.

Francis has been ordered to stay 100 yards from Fishburne and his wife, Gina Torres, and their 5-year-old daughter, Delilah. A court hearing on a three-year restraining order has been scheduled for Jan. 23.

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