danny pino nbc upfront 'Law and Order: SVU' finale ends on a cliffhanger, plus the cast debates the 'dun dun'“Law & Order: SVU” wraps up its 13th season with a pretty intense episode on Wednesday, May 23. Cast members Danny Pino, Dann Florek and Ice-T talk to Zap2it about the dramatic Season 13 finale and the sound that plays before the title cards — is it “bum bum” or “dun dun”?

First, the episode: “There is a huge cliffhanger at the end, so it’s worth sticking around until the end,” says Pino.

In fact, this might be the craziest season ending yet. “I think it’s the biggest cliffhanger we’ve ever had in the show. Stuff is flying. Stuff hits the fan,” Florek says. “I’m not 100 percent sure if everyone walks away or not,” he admits.

Now, the important question every “Law & Order” fan has pondered at at least one point in their lives: how do you vocalize that trademark sound effect?

Florek goes with “boink boink” or “doink doink,” while Pino picks the traditional “dun dun” or “bum bum.”

“Every significant moment in my real life feels like it begins with a ‘bum bum’ now ever since I moved to New York and became a part of the show,” Pino says.

Ice-T has another theory: “‘Dun dun!’ That’s Dick Wolf’s cash register. It should say ‘ching ching!'”

Posted by:Jean Bentley