law and order dvd 'Law & Order': Get ready for the biggest 'complete series' DVD set everWe don’t write a lot about DVD releases here at Zap2it, but the sheer size of this one demands a little attention.

On Nov. 8, you’ll be able to take home a complete-series set of the original “Law & Order” — provided you can find room for it in your house. The set will include all 20 seasons — that’s 456 episodes, and an untold number of “chung-chungs” — on a whopping 104 DVDs. Watching every episode back-to-back would take you more than two weeks.

The set includes 11 seasons (more than half of the show’s run) that haven’t been previously released on DVD, so it earns points for not duplicating the collections people might already have. Among the extras are an interview with creator Dick Wolf about the genesis of the series, the show’s “Homicide: Life on the Street” crossover episodes, a tribute to Jerry Orbach and a feature called “America’s Top Sleuths.”

There’s no word yet on a price, but we’re guessing it won’t be cheap (neither will the shipping) [UPDATE: According to TV Shows on DVD, the list price is $700, but Amazon is taking pre-orders at $489.99]. But if you’re a die-hard fan of the series, you might want to make room on your DVD shelf. Or buy a new one.

Posted by:Rick Porter