skeet ulrich lola 320 'Law & Order: LA': Someone's gonna die“Law & Order: Los Angeles” will try to return with a bang in April by knocking off one of its characters.

We’d call this a spoiler, but for the fact that NBC has been running promos saying as much for the past several days. “It only takes one,” the NBC voice-over man intones in the spot (which you can see below). “A single shot to trigger a television event not seen in 20 years: ‘Law & Order’ loses one of its own.”

As voice-over man is speaking, a single bullet is speeding toward an LAPD badge with blurry images of Skeet Ulrich‘s character, Detective Rex Winters, behind it. Since we already know Ulrich has left the show, it’s not hard to put two and two together as to how Detective Winters will leave. Sorry, Rex.

Now, about the “television event not seen in 20 years”: It’s true that the “L&O” franchise show hasn’t killed one of its primary detective characters since the end of the original show’s first season in 1991, when George Dzundza‘s Max Greevey was shot in the line of duty. But that’s hardly the last time a cast regular died.

Jill Hennessy‘s ADA Claire Kincaid was killed by a drunk driver in the Season 6 finale, and more recently, ADA Alexandra Borgia (Annie Parisse) was murdered while working on a case at the end of the 2005-06 season. But “a television event not seen in almost five years” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

“Law & Order: LA” returns with a two-hour episode on Monday, April 11. Here’s the aforementioned promo:

Posted by:Rick Porter