dylan walsh michael ealy lo 'Law & Order: LA': Who would you cast?“Law & Order: Los Angeles” is scheduled to begin filming in about four weeks — but before it can do that, the show has to hire its cast.

Several actors — among them Dylan Walsh, Skeet Ulrich, James Van Der Beek and Michael Ealy — have either read for or been courted for the show’s two detective roles, according to Deadline.com. Dean Cain and Michael Rapaport are in the mix as well, and Lucy Liu might be targeted to play their boss at the LAPD.

Those six guys could make for some intriguing combinations — we’d be most intrigued by a combination of Walsh (“Nip/Tuck”) and either Ulrich (“Jericho”) or Ealy (“FlashForward”) — but we’re even more interested in who you’d like to see on the show.

We’re just spitballing, but we could see someone like “Scrubs” star John C. McGinley or “Dollhouse’s” Harry Lennix as the older detective, and “Three Rivers'” underrated Daniel Henney as the younger partner.

The courtroom side of the equation is still an open question. NBC and “L&O” executive producer Dick Wolf are reportedly looking for a pretty big name to play lead prosecutor Peter Morales; no one’s been mentioned as his assistant yet. The first name that springs to mind is Edward James Olmos — he and Wolf even worked together before, when Wolf was a writer and producer on “Miami Vice” — but we’re not sure if he’s in the market for another series.

So let us hear your ideas: Who should star in “Law & Order: LA”?

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Posted by:Rick Porter