kathryn erbe svu gi 'Law & Order: SVU' books 'Criminal Intent' star Kathryn Erbe“Law & Order: Criminal Intent” may be no more, but its characters — or one of them, at least — are still kicking.

Kathryn Erbe, who starred on “Criminal Intent” for nine of its 10 seasons, will guest-star on an episode of “Law & Order: SVU” in the fall, TVLine reports. She’ll reprise her role as Detective Alexandra Eames, who’s now working with a joint NYPD/Homeland Security task force.

Erbe’s episode will have the SVU team investigating a sex-trafficking case that may have ties to terrorists, hence the Homeland Security angle.

When we last saw Eames, she was picking up Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) from a final therapy session in the somewhat underwhelming “Criminal Intent” series finale. The character has apparently moved on to a new job within the NYPD, so a surprise cameo from Goren doesn’t seem in the offing.

Erbe is set for just a single episode of “SVU” so far, TVLine says, but she could return later in the season as well.

Posted by:Rick Porter