law-and-order-svu-season-14-premiere.jpg“Law & Order: SVU” set up one of the most confounding cases it’s ever tackled in last season’s finale. Wednesday (Sept. 26), the show paid it off handsomely.

To run through all the twists and turns would probably take longer than the two-hour episode itself. But even with the revelation of who was dirty on the inside — sorry, Paget Brewster — there are still a few lingering questions. Like:

Cragen’s fate. You knew Cragen didn’t murder the woman whose corpse he woke up next to, he didn’t come away entirely clean either. The investigation revealed that Cragen had in the past spent time with escorts — which is probably not something the NYPD brass wants from the head of its sex-crimes squad. There’s bound to be some continuing blowback.

Amaro’s marriage. The case put Amaro on edge, and it also was a tipping point with his wife. It’s not as if everything was bright sunshine in his marriage before, but now that it’s really on the rocks we want to see how he reacts.

Olivia’s role. Liv went off books to run a parallel investigation into Cragen’s case, and she helps break it. But with Cragen still potentially sidelined, does that mean she continues her elder-stateswoman role within the squad?

Tensions within the squad. Cragen’s case laid bare a few rifts within the members of the Special Victims Unit. That’s never a bad thing in terms of drama.

What did you think of the “SVU” season premiere?

Posted by:Rick Porter