the view letterman 'Law & Order' tackles David Letterman and 'The View'In the next “ripped from the headlines” episode, “Law & Order” puts David Letterman and “The View” in the crosshairs.

Coming on the heels of a “Jon & Kate plus 8” episode (which also took shots at the Octomom), “Law & Order” has an episode revolving around Vanessa Carville — a “well-known celebrity talk show host, married with children who, along with a panel of other women, hosts a daily talk show.”

According to TV MoJoe, Vanessa “has had a series of short-lived affairs with some of the employees on the show and up until now has managed to keep them off the radar. Now she has been approached by a blackmailer who threatens to expose private photos and emails of hers unless she pays $3 million. Vanessa turns to DA Jack McCoy for help. She eventually decides to drop the charges, in order to spare herself and the women she had affairs with the embarrassment of having their private affairs made public.”

We like the twist that the person having the affairs is a woman, but wonder which “View” cast member she will most resemble. We hope it’s Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

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