leann rimes hape cover Leann Rimes: 5 bikinis the star should try nextThe only thing Leann Rimes loves more than being married to Eddie Cibrian (well, we’re assuming, because how could you not love being married to that hot specimen of humanity) is lounging on the beach in a bikini.

A tough life, right?
Since we know that Naomi Newirth’s Acacia Swimwear is Rimes’ preferred brand, we decided to come up with a selection of other bikini labels to try in case she wants to shake things up.
Here are five bikinis Rimes is missing out on: 

Rimes isn’t afraid of a little skimpiness, so maybe she’d enjoy a suit from Catalina Brasil. This company provided the bikinis for the most recent Miss Universe pageant, but had to re-do the bottoms because they were a little too risque. 
Noted arbiter of class JWOWW (of “Jersey Shore” fame) endorses this line of stick-on bikinis, which adhere to your skin using the heat of the sun and can be worn 10-15 times before being thrown away. Hey, why not?

Oprah is known for her book club, but did you know she endorses swimsuits too? An article on Oprah.com endorses the retro-looking suits from this Parisian designer.
This former Banana Republic design director created her own line of high-end swimwear with brightly colored designs.
Hey, if Rimes is going to spend so much time in the sun she might want to keep an eye on those UV levels. Adequately protecting your skin against harmful rays is the first rule of sunbathing.
Posted by:Jean Bentley