leann-rimes-rehab-treatment-drugs-eating-disorder-anorexia-pics-getty-830.jpgDespite rumors to the contrary, LeAnn Rimes is not in rehab for drug use or an eating disorder. The singer has voluntarily checked into treatment to help cope with anxiety and stress related to a group of people reportedly bullying her on Twitter because of her relationship with Eddie Cibrian, according to TMZ.

Sources say Rimes is in a facility that teaches people how to handle adversity and stress. But in addition to seeking treatment, she’s also seeking legal counsel to deal with the folks she says are tormenting her.

Rimes’ attorney, Larry Stein, tells TMZ that Rimes recently spoke to one of the alleged bullies on the phone, and unbeknownst to Rimes, the person recorded the call and published the recording around the web. Recording a call without consent from both parties on the line is illegal in California, and Stein says Rimes will “take all of the appropriate steps to address the harm that [she] has suffered as a result of this criminal conduct.”

Update: TMZ reports that Rimes filed a lawsuit on Thursday (Aug. 30) against Kimberly Smiley and Lexi Smiley, two women who are allegedly supporters of Cibrian’s ex Brandi Glanville, for illegally and secretly recording a phone conversation with Rimes and using excerpts of it to paint Rimes in a “false and negative light.” They also reportedly said that Rimes was “crazy and delusional.”

Posted by:Jennifer Harper