lebron james  south beach home LeBron James South Beach home makes you say 'oooohhh'Normally we aren’t too impressed with pro athletes displays of wealth, but the Miami Heat’s LeBron James‘ new Coconut Grove home in Miami’s South Beach does make us pause in awe for a moment. Maybe it’s all that white. How does one even begin to keep that clean?

James dropped $9 million on the three-story, 12,000-square-foot house — wait, let’s call it what it is — the 20,000-square foot mansion that has three fountains, a pool, a bar and a docking area for not just one, but two 60-foot yachts on the outside. With those sorts of specs, the fact that it only has six bedrooms and eight-and-a-half bathrooms and a three-car garage seems relatively modest.

Of course, there’s also a wine cellar, a library, a home theater, three indoor wetbars, a summer kitchen and a guest house. What about a basketball court? The Rev Run’s house has one of those.

Considering James was mulling over buying a $50 million property, he’s got plenty of money left over now for those yachts … or a very, very expensive Christmas shopping spree.

We need MTV to commission a new “Cribs” stat.

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