lebron james getty LeBron James to take on Hollywood in 'Ballers': Makes us miss 'Space Jam'LeBron James is about to get even more overexposed. Great.

E! News reports that the former Cleveland Cavalier, who infamously announced his departure from the team on an ESPN special, is heading to Hollywood.

Apparently the Miami Heat forward will be taking on the role of NBA star in the Brian Grazer production, “Ballers.” While a script hasn’t been finalized yet, the story will be about a group of guys attending an adult basketball camp. A rep for Grazer confirms they hope to begin shooting this summer.

We don’t have a whole lot of deets about the upcoming project, but we don’t see how it could ever compare to Michael Jordan’s “Space Jam.” The silver lining of this news is that it’s reminded us to reintroduce “Space Jam” into our lives. Thanks, LeBron.

Though it hardly counts as acting, James was featured in the 2009 documentary “More Than a Game” about his very own rise to fame.

Do you want to see LeBron on the silver screen? Or should he stick to playing ball?


Posted by:Sophie Schillaci