lee majors my dad says 320 Lee Majors: The Six Million Dollar Man guests on '$#*! My Dad Says'Two old pros met on the field of sitcom battle on Thursday night (Feb. 3) when Lee Majors did a guest spot on “$#*! My Dad Says.”

Majors — aka “The Six Million Dollar Man,” aka “The Fall Guy” — has in recent years made a pretty good living winking at his tough-guy image from those shows, so it’s fitting that he would guest on “Dad” opposite the king of self-aware hamminess, William Shatner. Majors played Don Reger, a millionaire and rival of Ed’s (Shatner) for the affection of Ed’s neighbor Rosemary (Jean Smart).

Silliness ensued, and the two guys ended up duking it out while wearing mascot costumes. As you do in these cases.

The “S#*! My Dad Says” guest spot was Majors’ second appearance on TV this season; he also had an uncredited cameo on “Undercovers” in December. Had things broken differently a couple seasons back, however, you would have seen him on TV every week. He starred with Jamie Kennedy in a FOX pilot called “Me and Lee” — it wasn’t picked up to series, but it lives on thanks to the Internet. Take a look at the first 12 minutes of it below.

Posted by:Rick Porter