leethompsonyoung 290 Lee Thompson Young: 'FlashForward's' first casualty talks about changing the gameAs we previously warned, “FlashForward” had a major death planned for Wednesday (Nov. 5) night, and now you know who took the fall.


Lee Thompson Young, the fine actor who portrayed the dearly departed agent, was kind enough to call us from the beyond for a “postmortem” if you will …

Suicide, man? Tell us what was going on in Agent Al Gough’s head.
Yes, you know, his flash forward was torturing him. The fact that he saw himself [in the near future] on the phone with a lawyer, talking about a case in which he accidentally killed the mother of two small children … he just couldn’t live with himself. He was trying desperately to figure out if there was any way he could change that. And, in the meantime, everything in everyone else’s flash forward seemed to be coming true, step-by-step, so he was unable to sleep at night. He was depressed, frustrated, angry. He felt powerless. And, in the end, he finally decided that this is how he could change that.

Tragic. But, at the same time, the decision wasn’t necessarily in vain.

No. Because [what he did] proves, without a doubt, that his flash forward will not come true. And in doing that, he basically changes the entire world because he’s the first person to defy Fate.

It essentially means that the flash forward of any person could potentially not come true.
Yes, exactly.

It’s a major game changer.
It totally is. He found a way to change the game. It’s an awesome role to play.

Did you know, when you signed on to do the show, that this was coming?

When I did the pilot, I didn’t know, and I don’t think the writers had really fleshed everything out at that point. But when the show got picked up, [executive producer] David Goyer brought me into the office. It was very considerate and generous of him to tell me what my character arc was going to be. I think, a lot of times, [actors in this situation] are not told [ahead of time].

You appreciated that.
Yes. You know, he actually asked me if I was okay with it. I was like, yeah, man, I just want to be on the show. This was the best script I’d read in years and knowing [my arc ahead of time] allowed me to start preparing for it dramatically. And, of course, when you’re part of a great show, you want to be on it forever, so [getting the heads up], it allows you to prepare for it personally too.

Yes, you have been somewhat disappointed, no?
Yeah, I mean, there definitely was some disappointment because I had hoped to be a part of it [for the duration]. Everybody knew that “FlashForward” was going to be a phenomenon. But, at the same time, when he told me what the story was going to be, it was so powerful to me, that I could only be so sad. I think [Agent Al Gough] is a special character in the “FlashForward” world, so it’s kind of an honor to play that role.


Sorry to see Gough go?

Excited about what his departure means for the show?

Let’s discuss.

And don’t feel too bad for Lee Thompson Young. The kid’s already booked another pilot, TNT’s “Rizzoli” with Angie Harmon.

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