legend of korra finale nickelodeon 'Legend of Korra' creators: 'Korrasami' ending is canonical

There’s no question about is, the ending of “The Legend of Korra” was a romantic one for Korra and Asami. When the final episode of the sequel to “Avatar: The Last Airbender” saw the two female characters — who have been shipped by some fans for quite a while — walk into the spirit world hand-in-hand, it just felt right to many.
Now, less than a week later, creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko are making it clear that Korrasami is indeed canon. In essays posted to their respective Tumblr accounts, they each explained that while Korra and Asami still share love as friends, it grew to be something else entirely.
“Our intention with the last scene was to make it as clear as possible that yes, Korra and Asami have romantic feelings for each other,” DiMartino writes. “The moment where they enter the spirit portal symbolizes their evolution from being friends to being a couple.”
While a romantic relationship between the two wasn’t the plan from the beginning, that’s what the story evolved into. “The more Korra and Asami’s relationship progressed, the more the idea of a romance between them organically blossomed for us,” Konietzko explains.
Thus far, the reaction to the episode has been largely positive, which couldn’t make DiMartino happier. Rarely does a series finale of any show satisfy that show’s fans,” he says. “So I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the positive articles and posts I’ve seen about ‘Korra’s’ finale.”
If you aren’t so happy about it, well, Konietzko puts it best: “You can celebrate it, embrace it, accept it, get over it, or whatever you feel the need to do, but there is no denying it. That is the official story.”
Both DiMartino and Konietzko’s essays are excellent pieces that are worth reading to give fans even more insight into “The Legend of Korra’s” final episode.
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