legend-of-korra-off-nickelodeon.jpgFans of “The Legend of Korra” were up in arms Thursday (July 24) over reports that the show had been canceled by Nickelodeon.

The good news is that those reports aren’t exactly true, and the remainder of Season 3 will still be available for viewing. The bad news is that after Friday’s (July 25) episode, “Korra” won’t be available on Nickelodeon. What it means for the show’s future is also very much an open question.

After reports of the show’s cancellation started to swirl, co-creator Bryan Konietzko posted an image to his Tumblr of a sad-faced Korra with the message “Korra not cancelled. Moving to digital. We’ll talk at SDCC. Thanks for caring.”

The show’s official Tumblr lays out the details of the move: Friday’s episode will air as scheduled at 8 p.m. ET/PT, but the remaining Book Three episodes will roll out weekly starting Aug. 1 on Nick.com, the Nick app and streaming services like Amazon, Hulu and Google Play.

“The Legend of Korra” has seen its ratings drop off this season. It’s averaging about 1.3 million viewers in same-day ratings for Book Three, about half of the average for Book Two. The season premiered June 27, only a week after it was announced. A few episodes had leaked online prior to the announcement.

Zap2it will be covering the “Legend of Korra” panel at Comic-Con on Friday, where Konietzko and co-creator Mike DiMartino will surely have some things to say about the move.

Posted by:Rick Porter