In “Legit” Season 2, episode 2, main character Jim Jefferies seemed to have found his perfect woman. There’s just one catch: She’s racist.

That cliffhanger ending will get followed up immediately in episode 3, “Racist.” In it, Jim has to struggle with his attraction to Sara (Betsy Beutler) and her racist tendencies. According to star Dan Bakkedahl, there was an initial struggle with the network just to use the N-word on FXX.

“There were things like, ‘Well, ‘The Shield’ used it 625 times in 10 seasons! And ‘Louie’ used it five times in that one episode with the aunt that died out in the woods! Why can’t we use it one time, and our context is absolutely pure?'” he recalls to Zap2it during a recent Google Hangout.

Bakkedahl continues, “We are showing a person and saying this person has no flaws, and then out of her mouth comes this word, and Jim’s reaction tells you everything you need to know about how we feel about her use of the word. But even then, it is that kind of a powder keg topic where you go, ‘Yeah, but are three white guys from middle class families really the proper mouth piece for this argument?

“It’s not that she has a funny-looking little toe or something,” Bakkedahl says. “She’s racist.”

Watch the above Google Hangout to find out more about “Legit,” what’s coming up this season and just how dark the show will go. “Legit” airs Wednesdays on FXX at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz