legit tca 2014 jim jefferies fxx 'Legit' Season 2: Jim Jefferies, DJ Qualls explore FXX's 'comedy about depression'

“Legit” is heading with confidence into its second season. The cast and producers of the FXX critical darling took to its TCA 2014 winter press tour panel with no concern about how the somewhat touchy subjects of Season 2 will resonate.

Among the storylines being explored on “Legit” are Jim’s (Jim Jefferies) sex addiction, Steve’s (Dan Bakkedahl) alcoholism and Billy’s (DJ Qualls) use of an experimental drug to help him deal with his muscular dystrophy. Balancing out those serious plot arcs are scenes like one where Jim decides to urinate on Billy, who can’t move to avoid it because of his disease.

“It’s amazingly poignant,” co-creator Peter O’Fallon says of the urine scene. Jefferies adds, “It’s as touching of a water sports scene as you’ve ever seen.”

But even with the ridiculous nature of some of Season 2’s tales, expect “Legit” to stay grounded. O’Fallon says, “The one difference we have between a lot of shows … is there are consequences in our show. … Things happen and then they have to deal with it for three or four [episodes].”

As Qualls says, what works about “Legit” is its honesty. Many of the storylines — from Steve’s descent into alcoholism to Jim finding out that the woman he lost his virginity to got pregnant and had an abortion — are largely based on the actors’ real-life experiences.

“We don’t push the envelope. We’re just honest,” Qualls says. O’Fallon notes, “[Viewers] really enjoy the fact that we don’t pull punches.”

While the casting of Qualls as a character with muscular dystrophy was initially met with some resistance from people within that disease’s community, everyone on the show found that backlash went away once “Legit’s” approach to MD was revealed.

“People are just so stoked that there’s someone on TV who has their disease,” Qualls says. O’Fallon adds, “[Billy is] the butt of the joke just like Dan gets to be and Jim gets to be. He gets to live.”

Overall, though, this isn’t a TV comedy where the characters are happy. Jim’s career is on the decline all season, and Billy has to deal with the drawbacks of his disease as he takes the experimental drug which gives him some movement in his hands (and thus allows him to play video games). “It’s a comedy about depression,” O’Fallon says.

Producer Chris Case says of “Legit,” “It’s an honest look at male relationships. That’s what this show is.” The Season 2 theme is about the central three characters battling demons and how they deal with them.

Of wanting “Legit” to reach more viewers, Case says, “It’s a really well-kept secret. … We just want to make it a little less well-kept.” Qualls tells Zap2it that he hopes “Legit’s” premiere on Netflix in March opens the show up to a larger audience.

Whether or not “Legit” gets picked up for a Season 3, Jefferies says Season 2 will end on a cliffhanger. “Legit” premieres on Feb. 26 on FXX.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz