leighton meester gi Leighton Meester beat mom with a bottle ... supposedly
We’ve seen Blair Waldorf get into her fair share of cat fights on “Gossip Girl.” Now, it appears life is imitating art.
As if things weren’t already ugly enough, now Leighton Meester’s mother is claiming that her daughter got physically violent with her.
In a countersuit uncovered by TMZ, Constance Meester alleges her daughter threw her to the ground and beat her with a bottle. 
According to the report, filed back in December 2010, the “Gossip Girl” actress was so crazed that her brother had to pull her off her mother.
This all come out just days after reports that Leighton is suing her mother for taking money she sent home to help care for her sick brother and using it to get various cosmetic procedures.
Sounds like something straight out of “Gossip Girl.”
Posted by:Jen Blushi