lemonade mouth bridgit mendler getty 1 'Lemonade Mouth's' Bridgit Mendler talks sequel, 'Good Luck Charlie,' and her solo album

Bridgit Mendler was on her way to work when we spoke and we imagine that’s her story most of the time. This busy 18-year-old is juggling several projects right now ranging from her role on Disney Channel’s “Good Luck Charlie,” a newly signed record deal with Hollywood Records, and promoting the No. 1 cable movie of the year, “Lemonade Mouth.” 
“We’re all ecstatic at how well it’s been doing,” Mendler tells Zap2it of the movie’s success. “I think it’s definitely a great surprise that people are responding to it well. It’s good quality music, so I’m happy that people are responding to it nicely.”
“Lemonade Mouth” follows a group of kids who meet in detention and then form a band that becomes the voice for themselves and their classmates who don’t fit into the typically popular mold.
Mendler is joining her cast mates Adam Hicks, Hayley Kiyoko and Blake Michael for a live video chat with fans hosted by Radio Disney’s Jake Whetter on Saturday, May 7 at 4 p.m. PT/ 7 p.m. ET at DisneyChannel.com/LiveChat.
“I don’t have anything to hide from the fans,” Mendler says about the live video chat. “They can ask what they want. I think it would be really fun to get to talk with them.”
Well, we got a chance to ask our questions before the fans do. Check out what Mendler had to say about a possible “Lemonade Mouth” sequel, what to expect from “Good Luck Charlie” this season, and what she’d like her first solo album to sound like. 
Earlier this week, the cast talked about a possible “Lemonade Mouth” sequel. If that happens, what would you love your character and the group to do?
I would love to see Lemonade Mouth advance as a band. I think that there’s tons of places you can go with that. The first movie had them starting out and finding their legs and so to see where they go from there would be really cool.
“Good Luck Charlie” was a hit in Season 1. How has Season 2 been going for you?
It’s just been a really cool season and it’s just fun to see how the show grows from Season 1 to Season 2 and how the characters become more developed. And, of course, we have a baby, so she’s going to be growing up with the show, too.
What can we expect from your character for the rest of Season 2?
Teddy’s growing up, so there are some benchmarks coming for her like getting a job, getting a car, there’s a new love interest in the mix, new friends come into the picture, so there’s a lot going on with Teddy to look forward to.
There’s going to be a “Good Luck Charlie” movie, what can we expect from that?
It’s kind of a ‘Planes, Trains, & Automobiles’ kind of thing. There’s every mode of transportation possible used when Leigh [Allyn Baker] and I, Leigh plays my mom on the show, are trying to get to Palm Springs for Christmas to meet up with the boys, because we missed our flight. So, there’s a lot of crazy hijinks and it’s really fun.

lemonade mouth bridgit mendler disney 'Lemonade Mouth's' Bridgit Mendler talks sequel, 'Good Luck Charlie,' and her solo album

What’s the most exciting thing that you’ve been working on lately?
That’s so hard. I love “Good Luck Charlie,” because it’s my home base. I feel like I’ve really grown with Disney. And then “Lemonade Mouth,” was so much fun, because I got to be in a band and I’ve never done that before. And I made such great friends on that. You know, working on my music now is really exciting, because that’s something I haven’t had a chance to do before. So, I’m just excited to see where that goes.
Have we already gotten a taste of your music with “Lemonade Mouth” or is your personal style different?
My personal style is really different from ‘Lemonade Mouth.’ It was fun to do the ‘Lemonade Mouth’ music, because it was something that I’ve never done before. But for me — it’s difficult to say, because I actually haven’t started working on it yet, haven’t had the time. So, I’m thinking more of a funky, jazzy thing. You know, I love Cee Lo Green, he’s great. I love Adele. Natasha Bedingfield is cool, those sort of people. I want it to be something that people can have fun with. So, I want to have more mellow, acoustic songs, but also songs that people can really jam out to.
How long have you been singing for?
Oh, I’ve been singing since I could talk. Professionally, the first time I sang was on ‘Alice Upside Down.’ It was the first movie that I did and I had this little mini singing part. So, that was the first time I went into a recording studio. I love music and it’s always been a part of what I’ve been doing, but I just haven’t done it professionally for that long.
Join Bridgit Mendler and her cast mates for the live video chat with fans on Saturday (May 7) at 4 p.m. PT/ 7 p.m. ET at DisneyChannel.com/LiveChat.
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