lena dunham interview jack antonoff Lena Dunham calls boyfriend Jack Antonoff 'my best advertisement'

Lena Dunham isn’t a person to try to hide her personal life from prying eyes. That’s why she’s made no secret of the fact she’s dating Fun. band member Jack Antonoff or the fact that they’re very much in love.

“I’ve always been a big ‘I love you’-sayer and stuff. But then I worry,” Dunham admits in a new interview in the February issue of Interview magazine. “Jack once overheard me calling someone else ‘baby bug,’ or some stupid name that I’ve called him before. I was like, ‘What if he now thinks I’m just a big disingenuous piece of crap?’ That kind of thing gives me anxiety because I want everyone I love to know how much I love them.”

That sort of mentality is part of what has earned Dunham so much praise — and backlash — for her creative work. But what sets her apart from her peers is that the 26-year-old actress/writer/director/producer doesn’t want to fall into the same patterns as other actresses in Hollywood.

“I know there’s some rule that you’re not supposed to talk about your boyfriend publicly just because it seems like all starlets under the age of 33 have decided not to do that, but if you’re in love with someone great, then I don’t understand why you wouldn’t tell everybody,” Dunham tells interview Miranda July. “You don’t have to post naked pictures of them on the internet or tweet pictures of your Christmas celebration, but I feel like, in a way, he’s my best advertisement, so I’m like, ‘Why would I not tell people who ask?'”

Though Dunham talks about many topics in the lengthy interview including growing up with artists for parents, her recently-leaked book deal and her transition from film to television, the “Girls” star also says that she enjoys dating someone who doesn’t have an issue with the fact she’s a working woman. Dunham says some of the previous men she’s dated have been turned off by the fact that she keeps busy, and she was worried she wouldn’t find someone who understands her.

“I was concerned that I was going to end up with like a pie-maker or a guy who lived in a van, and then my big appeal was going to be that I was going to be able to take that guy out of his van,” she says. “But Jack works so much — I always say that he makes my job look like I work part-time in the gift shop at an old-age home. He’s just constantly doing it, and it gets me invigorated about what I’m doing and reminds me of what’s important.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz