lena dunham girl power gi Lena Dunham forces website to pull published book proposalLena Dunham, the star and creator of HBO’s “Girls,” recently signed a $3.5 million nonfiction book deal with Random House. Gawker got a hold of Lena’s illustrated book proposal, as they are known to do, and caused quite the hubbub in Lena’s legal camp.

The website posted the proposal in its entirety, but later removed it in response to a demand letter from Dunham’s legal counsel.

The proposal for “Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s Learned” — which has been described online by other outlets, but never published in full before now — is 66 pages long. It promises 24-year-old Lena will write about such things as sex, food, repelling men, and the author’s very own “FUPA” (please see Urban Dictionary, if this term is new to you).

Though Gawker has removed the proposal in its entirety, they have left up several quotes from the document, tied to various disclaimers, as dictated by the lawyer. Lena writes, “Once I had a vegan dinner party which was chronicled for the style section of the New York Times,” and “Cassie was a very fat girl we knew who we had nicknamed fat Cassie because she also wasn’t that nice.”

Gawker has less than kind words to say in review of the quotes, alleging Dunham is both desperate for cultural validation, and perhaps not a very nice person.

What do you think? Is this a book you’ll pay to read?

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