lenny kravitz 324 Lenny Kravitz's Funny Or Die: Bunnies upset us too, LennyWhen we think of Lenny Kravitz, we don’t exactly think “hilarious!!!” but he’s proving us wrong in a very LOL-worthy new Funny or Die skit.

Kravitz, who stars as outrageous stylist extraordinaire Cinna in “The Hunger Games” film adaptation due out in March, has showed off his comedy stylings in “Lenny Kravitz is Angry.”

In the video, he gets angry at the following things: traffic, the pronunciation of linoleum, a tourist who confuses him for Will.I.Am, an uncooperative kite, a guy who told him the wrong date for an eclipse, a waiting room, a bunny who is not the Easter bunny, a grandma and her walnuts, and, in fact, the video itself.

Watch it all go down below.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie