Jay Leno asked Kanye West about his behavior at Sunday's VMAs, interrupting Taylor Swift's acceptance speech to say that Beyonce's video was the best video.

"It's been extremely difficult," West explained, talking about how he hurt someone and how he only wanted to help people. He said he knew immediately he was wrong when he handed the microphone back to Swift and she didn't continue talking.

The boos must have been a clue too.

Then he actually put the blame for the incident over his unexpressed grief over his mother's death. Or he sure seemed to.

Leno asked the infamous rapper what his mother would have thought about his behavior.

He took time to answer and looked like he was about to cry, during which time Leno even patted his knee to comfort him.  

"So many celebrities, they never take the time off," he said. "I've never taken the time off to really — you know, just music after music and tour after tour. I'm just ashamed that my hurt caused someone else's hurt."

What do you think about Kanye's excuse?

And was Leno told to provide him that opportunity by asking about his mom?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead