RedorBlackCollide by fanLewis

Leona Lewis spiced up the debut of Simon Cowell’s new U.K.-based game show “Red or Black” with a live performance. The Cowell-created popstress sang her new song, “Collide.”

And Lewis didn’t just sing. Her choice in briefcases — hear us out — was apparently integral to the game. As far as we can tell from the clip, there are 24 briefcases: 12 red inside, 12 black inside. While Lewis performed, dancers carrying said cases “shuffled” them. Then Lewis picked one and the contestants had to guess which she picked: red or black.

The song was passable pop. Lewis, as noted by, got off to a shaky start but soon got her act together.

As for which briefcase Lewis chose, who cares? We’re more interested in finding out which host goes on to Ryan Seacrest-sized success and which is consigned to the fate Brian Dunkleman.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson