Parishiltonchrisbrown I did not have text with that singer!

With news leaking about a "booty text" about hooking up with Chris Brown causing the Saturday late-night fight between him and Rihanna, stars are stepping forward to deny textual activity.

Paris Hilton shot down a report that she was "all over" Chris at a party, telling “I said hello and that was it. I love Rihanna, and that never happened."

Leona Lewis also denies anything happened after they chatted at a party on Saturday.

Leona’s record label spokesperson tells E! News that she was at Clive Davis‘ pre-Grammy party with her family and boyfriend and had nothing to do with any fight between Chris and Rihanna. And any allegations that the pair flirted at Clive’s party are "completely false."

So there.

Also doing the "I did not have text" dance is singer and actress Keisha Chanté.

"She was nowhere near Rihanna or Chris Brown," her manager told E! "She had nothing to do with any of that."

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