leonardo dicaprio getty Leonardo DiCaprio briefly mistaken for robber in Sydney

Apparently, the clerk at The Family Jewels in Sydney, Australia is the only woman in the world who hasn’t seen “Titanic.”

According to TMZ, the clerk (who goes only by Linda) panicked when two imposing bodyguard types walked into her store followed by a shady, hoodie clad gentleman; Linda sent a customer to fetch the owner for some extra protection. But Linda quickly learned that bodyguard types were, in fact, bodyguards and the shady, hoodie clad gentleman was a shady, hoodie clad Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo then dropped $1600 dollars on an antique coral Nepalese necklace — quite the opposite of a robbery. Though we must point out that “The Family Jewels” is a classless name for a jewelry store. Come on, Linda…

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