laonardo dicaprio marriage gi Leonardo DiCaprio talks marriage and taking acting break

It’s hard to believe Leonardo DiCaprio will turn 39 years old in November. It seems like not so long ago he was a fresh young face in the movie business. In the nearly 20 years since “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?” was released, DiCaprio has appeared in over 20 movies, and has yet to take the time to slow down. He might now, though.
In an interview with Extra, DiCaprio says it might be time for a bit of a break. “To me, right now it’s about getting a little breather — getting some time off,” he says, “Not a permanent break or not an indefinite period, but you know, just a few months off to do some other things.” A few months doesn’t sound so bad, considering Leo said in January that he was planning to take a “long, long break.”
Though he may work a lot, DiCaprio has no complaints as he thinks he leads a pretty charmed life, explaining, “There’s a certain price to everything, but every time I listen to myself talk about those prices I get sick to my stomach because I’m so fortunate to do what I do, really I’m a lucky person.”
With his 40th birthday coming in 2014, the question of whether he’ll settle down remains. When asked about possibly getting married one day, Leo answers, “I take it as it comes. We’ll see what happens in the future. I don’t try to determine what the future will be, I take it day by day.”
Taking it day by day has done the actor well so far, as he’s been able to build one of the biggest careers in Hollywood. He will next be seen May 10 in “The Great Gatsby,” before starring in Martin Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street,” in theaters November 15.
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