leper pirates 'Leper pirates' scene removed from 'The Pirates' films after leprosy groups protestWho knew? After a trailer for the stop-motion film “The Pirates: Band of Misfits,” from Aardman Animation, was released, several leprosy advocacy groups protested enough to have the film removed. The scene in question, from the trailer, depicted one of the film’s pirate heroes board a ship full of pirates suffering from leprosy.

A pirate confronts him and says, “I’m afraid we don’t have any gold, old man. This is a leper boat. See?” — and then his arm drops off. You can watch the scene in the trailer below.

The Lepra Health In Action group writes, “Leprosy is not an easy disease to catch, it is curable, those affected
should live within mainstream society and no, limbs don’t just fall
off. Not even for comic effect.”

In response, Aardman did remove the scene from the film they’re set to release, and they issued the following statement: “After reviewing the matter, we decided to change the scene out of
respect and sensitivity for those who suffer from leprosy. The last
thing anyone intended was to offend anyone and it is clear to us that
the right way to proceed is to honor the efforts made by organizations
like ILEP to educate the public about this disease.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie