leslie nielsen tv Leslie Nielsen: Remembering his TV career with 'Tales of Tomorrow' and 'Alfred Hitchcock Presents'Though Leslie Nielsen, who passed away on Sunday at age 84, will always be best known for his movie roles in the ’80s and ’90s, he began his lucrative entertainment career on television. Here, we look back at some of his more memorable TV roles.

In 1953, Nielsen starred as a struggling author in “Tales of Tomorrow,” a suspense series that ran for two seasons. “What happens when an unknown writer finds himself faced with the choice between a brilliant career and the loss of his wife? Who is his mysterious collaborator?” the narrator asks.

Nielsen plays Bert, the author, who answers a strange ad when he’s tired of being supported by his wife’s job. Watch the entire episode below! Nielsen appeared on six total episodes of “Tales of Tomorrow,” playing a different role in each half-hour short.

Nielsen also appeared in the beloved series “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.” He did two episodes of Hitchcock’s show. In the episode below, titled “The $2,000,000 Defense” Nielsen plays Lloyd Ashley, a desperate man who makes a hefty deal with his defense lawyer in order to help his case.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie