leslie nielsen2 gi Leslie Nielsen's gravestone: 'Let 'er rip'Surely we know Leslie Nielsen was a funny man. He died in November 2010 after years of adding yuks to movies for generations of film fans — from “Airplane” to “The Naked Gun” (and its sequels) to “Scary Movie” (and its sequels).

Only now, though, are we finding out how committed this guy was to getting a laugh.

On Thursday (June 2), the Sun-Sentinel published this photo of Nielsen’s gravestone:

nielsen headstone Leslie Nielsen's gravestone: 'Let 'er rip'Simple and understated, with a killer punchline: “Let ‘er rip.” Nielsen had, according to TMZ, requested it years before his death. Big ups to his family for honoring his wishes.

A bench facing the actor/comedian’s headstone is also inscribed with this Nielsen quote: “Sit down whenever you can.”

Recently, we got another glimmer of a celebrity’s strong personality from beyond the grave when — as specified in her will — Elizabeth Taylor showed up 15 minutes late to her own funeral.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson