The big Golden Globes after-parties, all to be held in the newly renovated Beverly Hilton, are now locked and loaded. Some 6,000 guests are expected to make the rounds of five bashes, right after the televised awards show wraps on Jan. 16, 2006. And here’s where everyone’s headed.

Universal, Focus Features and NBC will celebrate in high style with a party on the hotel’s parking garage roof. And with 22 nominations — including “Pride & Prejudice,” “King Kong,” “Munich,” “The Constant Gardener,” “Brokeback Mountain” and “The Producers” — well, you do the star count. This see-and-be scene, held in a large but lavish outdoor tent, will definitely be a hot ticket. So plan your party-going carefully. As with most things in life, timing is everything.

“Last year the body count for that space was 800 and we’ll stick close to that number this year,” says Brian O’Connor, the Bev Hilton’s PR director. When that roof gets full, fire marshals won’t let anyone else up there. The same is true of all the parties, natch. And better bring a wrap too. There will be lots of heat lamps in the outdoor spaces but they don’t really warm shivering shoulders. They just sizzle brainpans.

InStyle and Warner Bros. will celebrate in the newly renovated space called The Oasis, formerly the Palm Court, with a multilevel entertainment and seating area including tented outside space. This is officially the largest party of the night with 1,000 guests expected. Look out for George Clooney and Charlize Theron, neither of whom are very hard on the eyes.

HBO, with 17 nominations, will have their usual packed pool party at the newly renovated Aqua Star Pool. And, as in years past, the network bash will also take over Merv Griffin’s restaurant. The night will also be a farewell party for the restaurant, which will be gutted immediately afterward to create an as-yet-unnamed new “fine dining experience” in the hotel.

Expect those adorable “Entourage” boys, “Curb Your Enthusiam” curmudgeon-creator-star Larry David, maybe “Warm Springs” stars Kenneth Branagh and Cynthia Nixon, “The Girl in the Café” cast, some “Rome” names and maybe even Paul Newman, who is nominated for “Empire Falls.”

The Weinstein Co., as reported on "Styles and Scenes" on Nov. 2, are officially back in Harvey and Bob’s former Miramax party spot, Trader Vic’s. They will also have a tented outside space with seating, bars and plenty of room to mix and mingle, suck up and eat crow. Expect “Transamerica” switch-hitter Felicity Huffman, “Matador” leading man Pierce Brosnan and “Mrs. Henderson Presents” costars Judi Dench and Bob Hoskins.

Rumor was Showtime was going to take over the Stardust Room for their first very big Globes party. But at the last minute, Fox jumped in and made the eighth floor suite their den of festivities to celebrate potential wins (or mourn losses) for “Walk the Line” and “24.” Keep an eye peeled for Kiefer Sutherland, Reese Witherspoon, and maybe even that toad-sprouting sweetie, Joaquin Phoenix.

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