renee zellweger bumpwatch Let the Renee Zellweger Bump Watch begin!

After seeing these photos of a gorgeous Renee Zellweger at the Berlin Film Festival this week, a tiny alarm bell went off in The Dish Rag’s evil little mind.

Is that a small baby bump or is that not a small baby bump? 

]]>renee zellweger bump watch Let the Renee Zellweger Bump Watch begin!

Could be anything — big dinner, late night snackies, a few extra L.B.-s for the new “Bridget Jones” movie, bad lighting, too much satin, you get our drift.
But since Renee got real cozy with rumored squeeze Bradley Cooper‘s ‘rents over the Christmas holidays, we are very suspicious. Cause they haven’t really been “not dating” for very long, have they? 
What do you think? Bun or None?