. So what does a member of the filthy rich do? She has Ferragamo come to her at the Darling family mansion.

That’s right, an actual fashion show from a major fashion house just comes to her house — replete with runway, models and pulsing music. It seems we’ll all benefit from Letitia’s literal fortune.

The show’s costume designer, Roberta Haze (The New Adventures of Old Christine), and the show’s executive producer, Matthew Gross, reached out to the Italian fashion house to see if it might be willing to show a collection on network television. After all, Letitia wouldn’t have a label such as Miu Miu in her house. The fact that Ferragamo is celebrating its 80th anniversary was just icing on the cake.

“It had to be a label that appealed to both her and her daughters,” Haze says. “I thought, ‘Who would be appropriate?’ and when I saw Ferragamo’s line and found out they had younger clothing, too … . I am so impressed with them. They really are appealing to the younger buyer.”

Letitia would certainly appreciate that sentiment, even though it certainly wasn’t directed at her.

“She is a matriarch of this family, the richest family in New York,” Haze says, “and comes from money herself. She’s not ostentatious because she’s always had money — so we don’t think of her as one of those stiff socialites. She is very artistic and arty. She’s eclectic in her jewelry choices — which tend to be from Bulgari, Miriam Haskell and Dior. She’s more of a Nan Kempner type.”

High praise indeed, for Kempner once famously uttered, “I want to be buried naked — I know there’s a store where I’m going.”

And while Haze might love to have access to the entire Ferragamo line for Letitia, the limits of production expenses mean we find her in other labels as well, including vintage Chanel suits in creams and other soft colors, plus tweeds and knits.

But this week, with Ferragamo front and center, Haze puts her in a brilliant cobalt blue and green floor-length sequined shift dress with short sleeves and an open back from the designer.

“It is the most gorgeous color,” Haze says. “The sequins almost make it look as if it has scales. It looks like a mermaid and looks gorgeous on her … . We borrowed all of the clothes, shoes and bags for the show. In total we have about a dozen models all in Ferragamo.”

Yep, you’ve definitely got to be rich to get a dozen models in your house.

Posted by:Michael Korb