Let’s take a look at how some of our favorite shows are doing:

Damages: I’ve heard complaints from many of you that this season is moving way too slowly. On a scale of 1 to Izzie's diagnosis on Grey's Anatomy, I'd say the pace is about a five. And I agree the pace is an adjustment — plot points simmer for episode upon episode. A depressed Ellen’s (Rose Byrne) energy level is at all time low. The central mystery about a company wrecking havoc on the environment just isn’t as compelling as last year's mystery. And William Hurt is no Ted Danson. I wouldn’t argue about any of those points and agree that I don’t think this season is as good as the first. But I’m still really intrigued. I want to know how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. And although I think the show brought back Ted Danson because he was such a fan favorite, his return is working. I like seeing these two former enemies now in alliance. The show has made missteps this season (the two FBI characters are boring, boring, boring) but overall I’m still enjoying the season. Are you?

30 Rock: I still believe this show is at its strongest when Liz (Tina Fey) is the sane one among the wacky characters. When she starts acting a little loony, the show loses its center. So I don’t enjoy a story line that finds Liz searching for her fake missing dog. I like it much better when she makes the mistake of making cheese stew for the dreamy Jon Hamm or is telling Jack that "there’s handsomeness involved."  And I continue to think the show would be much better served if we saw more of the writer’s room. Do I still think 30 Rock is one of the most funny comedies on television? Of course. But do I think it could be even funnier? I really do.

The Office: The show is behaving so oddly these days. I loved the idea of Michael searching for closure with Holly and Pam (and the rest of us) having the chance to see Karen happy. I like the humor of Dwight and Jim heading up the party planning committee and giving Kelly the gift of a nap. But Angela licking her cats? Not so funny and, like Oscar, it’s an image I won’t soon get out of my mind. I would like to see more of the fallout of the Andy/Angela break up. I still think they could mine Jim and Pam planning a wedding for more laughs. But mostly I think the show needs an overarching plot point — like we used to have with the Michael/Jan on-again, off-again romance or Jim taking a new job at a different office.

What do you think about 30 Rock, The Office and Damages? Talk about it below.

Ask TV Gal

What's up with The Middleman. Last I heard the show was still in limbo? Has it been renewed (fingers crossed) or cancelled?? Please let me know. Thanks. B Dub 🙂

Well the bad news is that The Middleman has been officially cancelled. The semi-good news is that ABC Family announced yesterday that fans won’t be left completely hanging. The series finale episode will appear in the form of a graphic novel form this summer. Viper Comics will release the graphic novel "The Middleman — The Doomsday Armageddon Apocalypse" written by creator/executive producer Javier Grillo-Marxuach and Hans Beimler this July. The DVD set of all the first season episodes will be released in July as well.

Is there any news on if the next season of Project Runway will ever see the light of day? I know that the lawsuit between Bravo and Lifetime/the producers has been particularly nasty, but I am missing my weekly Tim Gunn fix! Any news would be greatly appreciated. Melody

Melody this is one of those no news is no news situations. The series is still caught up in the lawsuit with no real end in sight. No trial date has been set and it could definitely be awhile until we see season six. Season six was filmed in Los Angeles instead of New York and the finalists are showing their lines at New York Fashion Week this week. But if a season of Project Runway is filmed and we never see it, did it ever exist at all? And you can see Tim Gunn this Sunday on the red carpet for ABC's Oscar pre-show that begins at 8 p.m.

Quotes of the Week

"You know what? This is all your dream, right? You gotta hit that center stage and make magic happen in a minute and twenty seconds. And if you don't…look to the right, look to the left…whoever is better, you're gonna go home. It’s a tough, type of a season this year." Paula Abdul's advice to the contestants on American Idol. Thanks to James for the quote.

"We’re not going to Guam, are we?" Frank to Jack on Lost. Thanks to Brandon for the quote.

"Don't let a cheese hit me." Mel during the cheese transporting leg of The Amazing Race. Thanks to Jeff for the quote.

"I once claimed ‘I am God’ during a deposition" Jack during his confession on 30 Rock. Russ liked this quote because it had Alec Baldwin playing homage to his Malice character Dr. Jed Hill.

"When are you people going to stop thinking everyone else is following your rules? They’re not." Jack Bauer to Larry on 24.

Exchanges of the Week

"How can you read?" Jack to Ben on Lost.

"My mom taught me." Ben’s response. Thanks to Aaron and Jana who were the first to submit this week’s most popular exchange.


"Carter? Are you the one that got that nurse pregnant and moved her up to Seattle?" Dr. Gates to Dr. Carter on ER.

"No, that was somebody else." Carter’s response. Thanks to Ritchie for the exchange.

That’s all for today. I had to delay my discussion of Life on Mars because TiVo and I had a little disagreement (I thought it should record Life on Mars, it thought it should record local cable access). So I’m back next week to discuss Life on Mars. the two-hour episode of Brothers & Sisters, the season finale of Privileged and more. Have a question? Seen a familiar face? Want to nominate a quote of the week? Write me at amytvgal@zap2it.com. Have a great weekend. Talk to you on Monday.

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